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Telling children they are loved, lovable and special – and reinforcing this message every day from the time they are born – instills a core of confidence which will stay with them as they grow.

To help even the youngest child develop and practice the core building blocks of constructive internal dialogue, Sharon Penchina, C.Ht. and Dr. Stuart Hoffman introduce the I AM a Lovable ME! Series. The easy-to-read verse, brimming with vibrant imagery, will help children discover the goodness inside themselves so they can realize their fullest potential.

Sharon R. Penchina C.Ht.

Sharon R. Penchina C.Ht.Hypnotherapist & Author, Sharon’s focus is to teach and coach individuals and groups to achieve greater success in their lives as they increase awareness and develop a broader understanding of mind dynamics. Having attended the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Scottsdale, Arizona, she continues to further her knowledge through advanced classes and numerous workshops. Currently, board certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists a she is also certified as a Tera-Mai Reiki Master. As co-founder of the company 2 Imagine, Sharon has produced numerous self-improvement CD’s, a series of empowerment audio products & guidebook for Chiropractors published in The Review for The International Chiropractic Journal and has written a series of self-esteem books & CD’s for children. In addition, she is a local and national motivational speaker who maintains a private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona

Dr. Stuart E. Hoffman, D.C., F.I.C.A.,

Dr. Stuart E. HoffmanFor the past twenty years Dr. Hoffman has worked passionately to assist others in their journey toward optimum health both in his private practice and as a teacher and direct consultant in the Chiropractic community. His contributions in the Chiropractic field have been widespread, as he has held numerous positions in both state and national associations, lectured throughout the United States and written articles appearing in many professional journals.

Dr. Hoffman has been the recipient of numerous awards recognizing his accomplishments including Chiropractor of the Year from the Michigan Chiropractic Council and the Representative Assemblyman of The Year from the International Chiropractors Association.

Co-founding the company 2 Imagine has enabled him to continue seeking creative ways to personally empower adults and children.

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