Remind your child every evening just how special and loved they are, as you read to them or with them, and share these uplifting affirmations that will become a part of their internal dialog. “I AM a Lovable Me!” will make a positive…

Jack CanfieldCo Author, Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul

I cannot begin to express how wonderful these books are, or how important they are for parents and teachers alike! Raising children with good self esteem is instrumental for their good health and well being, not to mention their….

Deanna JosephBellaOnline's Inspiration Editor

I love this book! Positive habit-building beginning at an early age has a dramatic effect on the sub-conscious mind. The beautiful affirmations accompanied by brilliant illustrations in this book will draw parents and….

Mark Victor HansenCo-creator - #1 New York Times best-selling seriesChicken Soup for the Soul and Co-author, The One Minute Millionaire

They certainly are a great tool for developing a child’s self-esteem and positive attitude along with learning about exercise and proper nutrition.

Jack LaLanneBEFIT Enterprises, www.jacklalanne.com

I AM a Lovable ME! is a personal empowerment series for children that provide building blocks in lifting their self esteem to soaring heights. The affirmation is delightfully light without being heavy handed, which is truly important for younger children. Having said that, even the ten 8-year-olds who read them loved the books…that says it all!

Jodie LynnSyndicated parenting/health expert, Parent to Parent, CEO/founder of www.AddingWisdomAward.com , and author of family/health book, Mommy-CEO.

The message from the I Am A Lovable Me! Series of books and products profoundly aligns with what the mission of The I AM Foundation is all about which is strengthening our children. President John F. Kennedy said that children are our greatest resource. Stuart Hoffman and Sharon Penchina’s work contributes to nurturing this most valuable resource which will benefit the world for generations to come. We are grateful to them.

Steve ViglioneChildren’s author, Founder and CEO of The I AM Foundation

Creating high self-esteem starts at an early age. This book teaches children to love themselves while they learn the benefits of positive self-talk, which will last them a lifetime.

Robin SharmaAuthor the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Wow, I am amazed with this affirmation book! It is perfect- and so useful for the children. The affirmations you included touch upon EVERYTHING and in such a real way for the kids- I laughed a lot of times too! You cover everything- from drinking fresh water to pretending, creativity to being balanced and loving- its impressive!

As I was reading, I could see my kids in yoga class chanting the affirmations out loud – all ages for sure! I can see the kids becoming inspired to draw their own affirmations. I see posters- (I want one for the studio!!) I think you really have a great product here-and you certainly have my support!

Thank you again for including me in the sneak preview to such an amazing literary tool. It’s tremendous, Sharon! I feel really good about this one!

Jodi B Komitor MAAuthor of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Yoga with KidsNext Generation Yoga for Kids

Adorable cute bugs instruct young children on health, exercise, and posture in Bend at Your Knees…if You Please! This brightly colored picture book includes an audio CD. The purpose of Bend at Your Knees…if You Please! is to help children build self-esteem, enabling them to grow into adults with a strong sense of self-worth. The CD gets children up and moving in a fun way and teaches children how to use affirmative statements to empower themselves.

With this package, authors Sharon Penchina C.Ht. and Dr. Stuart Hoffman have produced another winner, the third set in the I AM a Lovable ME! series of books and CDs, which also includes I AM a Lovable ME! and I Take a DEEEP Breath! Bend at Your Knees…if You Please! is recommended for children up to 7 years of age. I think active participation with the materials would be delightful for children 3 to 6. The dust jacket matches the underneath book cover and presents a teaser to the color splash that dominates each page within.

Also published by 2 Imagine is a CD titled Sleepy Time Messages, which is designed to help children go to sleep. Once parents, grandparents, and preschool teachers are exposed to the I AM a Lovable ME! series, they will want all the books and CDs. The content is wholesome and enforces good habits, and the prices make these gifts affordable. The books and CDs can be sold together or separately.

New Age Retailer

This is excellent! All children are precious. This joyfully energetic and multi-media material helps youngsters to accept this basic truth. We are all individually unique and important. No child should be left behind or undersold in developing a true sense of self and well being.

Wil BerryPreschool Director

There is always a need for a well written book that delivers positive messages to children. This one will become a favorite with the captivating bug that delivers catchy rhymes about the wonderful person they need to believe they are. It’s a great read-aloud and one that children will soon be reciting themselves.

Ms. Marty RiceRetired teacher and children's book specialist for 10 years at Borders Books, Music & Cafe

I AM a Lovable ME!’ is perfect for helping children to understand and describe their own special qualities. The happy, healthful affirmations encourage positive thinking and the vibrant, charming illustrations will make this a favorite!

Vikki AndersonElementary School Principal

Children will enjoy the bright, colorful illustrations as they are reminded how special they are and build positive self-images to face a world with many challenges.

Pamela C. Wilkison, Ph.D.Psychologist specializing in 0-7 year old children and their families.

After years of teaching and experimenting with many different “discipline programs,” I have come to the realization that the only discipline that truly works is self-discipline. In my 2nd grade classroom I have a “self-reflection” corner where my students are encouraged to excuse themselves at any time they feel they need to “take a Deep Breath.”

At the beginning of the year I introduce Ms. Penchina and Dr. Hoffman’s book of the same title and we have a lively discussion listing all the times when taking a deep breath would be helpful. By the middle of the year, my students will occasionally walk over to self-reflection, pick up “I Take A Deeep Breath,” reread it, practice their balloon belly breathing, and come back to the classroom calm and refocused.

We also use the CD throughout the year to reinvigorate what we already know! It is truly gratifying to see my students taking responsibility for their own feelings and reactions…and know that it will carry with them throughout their entire lives.

Jasmine Nordman2nd Grade Teacher

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